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Our Experience

When your Bank or Credit Union needs some additional expertise in managing your technology vendor relationship, look to Remedy Consulting.  We specialize in helping our clients identify the gaps in their technology platforms, determining what to keep and what to replace, and managing the vendor relationship through critical stages like contract negotiation.

Every Remedy client wants to ensure that:

  • They are on a core platform that will help them grow their bank or credit union
  • What they pay their vendor is in line with market rates
  • Their technology compliments their short term and long term strategy goals
  • The other critical systems supplied by their vendor (Payments, eCommerce, Item Processing, Cash Management, etc.) are as efficient as possible 

The Remedy team has participated in over 600 Bank and Credit Union System Selections and vendor negotiations since 2016. More than any firm in our industry, we can say with confidence that we understand what you should be paying for your technology, and we are trained to negotiate the best rate for you. When the negotiations are over, and it is time to install those new solutions, we have a team of installation experts ready to assist in managing your team and customers through that experience.

Best Possible Outcomes

Your financial institution serves a unique market, and you need technology to service those clients. Your management team has the skills to serve your clients, and Remedy understands the technology options needed to grow your market. With an average consultant tenure of over 12 years, Remedy's team of experts is well positioned to assist your financial institution in selecting the right solution and negotiating the best deal.

Remedy Consulting
Remedy consulting

Why Us?

Achieving the right technology at the right price may be the best investment your Financial Institution will make in the next five years. All Executives have a fiduciary duty to negotiate the best deal possible with their vendors. The average CFO negotiates a master core vendor contract once every 5-7 years. Remedy consultants negotiate deals on a daily basis. It stands to reason that with experience like that, we have the best chance of getting our customers best-in-market pricing.