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Although Remedy has typically done business strictly by referral from our current customer base, our younger Advisors have told us that it is time to start waking up to Social Media. They say it is time to start getting our message out to a wider audience. Quite honestly, they have been saying this for many years, but we have held off because a blog takes time and dedication.

And so we have made a decision to post to our blog only when we have something relevant to say. To only post when we can educate and inform. And, post when we find something relevant going on in the Bank and Credit Union industry that we feel we can share insight on that has an impact on our readers.

Remedy works in an area of change..Bank and Credit Union technology-Systems Selections, Contract Negotiations, Mergers and Acquisitions, etc..  Well, if you haven't used us in the past, you can check the website or give us a call to better understand where we spend our time.  At any rate, we are going to try to focus on material in these areas that is both educational and interesting.  

More to come, and thank you for visiting our Blog.

Ron Smith, Managing Director,

and the Remedy team.

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