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System Selections

Core System Selections

Remedy has a proven method for helping our clients choose the right vendor. Our Systems Selection Methodology allows a client to quickly reach a decision on which vendor fits their needs. The steps taken in our process:

  • Analyze the limitations of the current system
  • Rank the client’s criteria for selecting a replacement
  • Choose the top vendors that meet client’s criteria
  • Develop the Request for Proposal
  • Arrange vendor demonstrations
  • Rank the vendors based on the client’s criteria
  • Develop proprietary Financial Model to compare vendor proposals
  • Summarize results and present to Sr. Management team
Why Remedy?

Your Bank or Credit Union needs a partner with a deep understanding of which vendors can best meet your needs. After an in-depth analysis of your internal requirements, we eliminate vendors that do not fit your needs, and then bring in the 2-3 most promising providers to show you what they can do to grow your business.

How long does the process take?

Expect the process to take 60-90 days at a minimum. Internal needs analysis often requires 7-10 days. Eliminating vendors will generally add another week. Managing demonstrations, coordinating vendor responses to the requirements, and ranking the vendors based on our client's criteria will take up the remainder of this period. 

After that, it is up to you. Your senior management team will have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision.