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Single Mobile App or Multiple Mobile App Strategy?

We follow the CenterState blog because we often find information which is interesting and relevant to running a financial institution. Their latest article is focused on technology strategy, and whether a bank or credit union should be offering a single mobile app or multiple mobile apps to their customers:

This is an interesting article (although it doesn’t include much ground breaking information) and the Remedy team had just a couple thoughts:

  • A multiple application strategy generally works best when you have different customers visiting the sites. For example, your retail banking customers may not have a reason to visit your payroll application. This eliminates some of the confusion caused by a different look and feel of each application, different single sign-on (SSO) process, and viewing data across multiple apps.

  • Within the same customer base (for example a retail customer that wants to use your online application or card controls application), it may be wise to seek a similar user experience, which often means utilizing a single application, or at least applications from a single provider. Even if a FI could get over the user experience issues, your application provider may have contractual restrictions on using more than one application within the same space.

Overall, we think the CenterState team did a good job identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a single vs multiple mobile application strategy.

That is all for now, thanks for checking in.

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