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Implementation Services

As our clients implement new solutions, they are occasionally in need of assistance while installing new vendor solutions. Whether it be:

The process of migrating to another core,

eCommerce platform implementations,

Payments, or Debit/Credit platform implementations

A migration from an in-house to an outsourced environment

Transitioning platforms after a Merger or acquisition

Or just assistance needed in less complex bank or credit union technology platform migrations, Remedy can develop a plan to meet your needs.

Most of our Implementation team's previous experience comes from working directly for technology vendors at some point in their careers. Now they work for Remedy, assisting our clients in implementing solutions when they need supplemental support.

Remedy has developed a proprietary project management methodology which will gets our clients through these transitional projects as efficiently as possible. Add that to many years of experience in the complexities of the systems being implemented, and you have the perfect combination of skills to assist in migrating your your technology to a new platform.