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Executive Search

With the recent pace of change in the bank and credit union industries, many Sr. Managers find themselves in a unique position. Mergers, Acquisitions, financial pressure and technological change, among many other factors, have produced more movement of top quality Sr. Management talent than in any time in recent history.  

If your organization has experienced turnover in your C-ranks, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, etc., consider using Remedy's executive search services. We have regular contacts with Bank and Credit union executives across the United States. We know which executives are comfortable in their current roles, and which are considering new opportunities.

Most of the individuals we interact with are not out on job boards posting resumes, but would be interested in the right role if it presented itself. This access to a hidden talent pool of executives is exactly what makes utilizing Remedy Executive search so valuable. We are exclusive to the Financial Services industry, which means that we will find you individuals with the experience to hit the ground running.

Give us a call if you are looking for the right executive, we'd love to hear about the individual you are looking for to fill that open role. it doesn't matter whether your bank in Fortune 50 or just a community bank looking for a manger to fuel growth, Remedy deals with institutions of all sizes.