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Customer Testimonials

"Our organization was engaged in a negotiation with our core provider for a contract renewal. Although we were already well into the process, I made the decision to hire Remedy because I felt the negotiations were taking too long and consuming too much of my management team’s time.

Remedy’s commitment and communication in helping us achieve a renewal contract that was beneficial to our organization was exemplary.

I was amazed with the results they were able to achieve and how quickly they were able to complete the project. I had a very positive experience working with Remedy. I highly recommend them and will likely use their services in the future."

Josh Hoppes

CEO, Mutual Savings Association

"We wanted to ensure our pricing and contract terms were in line with those of other financial institutions.  Remedy had the tools and knowledge to help us out.  The process, from beginning to end, lasted about 4 months.  Remedy took care of all the negotiations and simply kept us apprised of where the negotiations were at and how they were going. 

Remedy was able to achieve significant cost savings for the bank, which will extend for several years into the future.  Remedy’s professionalism allows it to negotiate favorable contract terms and cost savings without damaging the working relationship with the software vendor."

Ben Hansen


"Our Project Manager was professional and always seemed to know the next move that the vendor would make… So glad we had their help through this process."

Michael Hammond

CEO, First Federal Bank

"I can’t believe how much Remedy Consulting saved us! We thought we knew how to negotiate a reasonable deal, but they knew the rates we should be paying, and that made all the difference."

Lloyd Molina

COO, Citizens Bank

"Our external counsel told us that there was no way he would have questioned some of the items in our contract that the Remedy team was able to negotiate on our behalf. Their knowledge of contracts was impressive."

Adrianne Mitchell

CIO, First Community Bank