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Contract Negotiations

Price Optimization

The Remedy team has been negotiating contracts for over ten years, and has successfully negotiated over 1,200 contracts.

With this type of Pricing and Contract experience, we understand the lowest rates and optimal terms and conditions that vendors have offered their best customers, and work hard to ensure that our clients get the benefit of that optimization experience.

How Do We Get You the Best Deal?

Remedy's Price Repository™ contains all previous deals negotiated by Remedy. We analyze our client's rates against deals negotiated in the previous 18-24 months, looking for common criteria, such as the size of the financial institution and the set of services purchased, among others.

If we do not feel that our client is receiving market-based pricing in their current contract, we ensure that they are treated fairly when they renew. For clients that are changing providers, whether that be Core, Digital, Payments, Item Processing, Cards, or any other significant vendor-provided service, Remedy has the expertise to negotiate your best deal.

Terms and Conditions

Some of the terms and conditions set forth in your contract are at least as important as optimizing what you pay your vendor.
Remedy has the experience to ensure that you are protected in a contract written by your vendor.