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Reaching Your Community Offline


Bring a Personal Touch to Your Virtual Clients For several weeks, your branches were shut down and now your clients have been trained to use all those online tools you couldn’t figure out how to train them on prior to the crisis. This is the world we have all been waiting for, the virtual branch. …

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Remedy team’s regional tour of Midwest bankers events

Over the past two weeks, the Remedy team traveled to and presented in several locations across the Midwest, connecting with customers and prospects from Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. Here are the events that we attended in : Illinois Bankers Fall Golf event- Peoria, IL Wisconsin Bankers Management Conference- Wisconsin Dells, WI CBAI Annual…

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Cards tied to the exchange rate of gold- the new Gold Standard?

It seems that their is a new Fintech start-up for everything, but I have to admit that I don’t understand the revenue model for this Tally application which ties deposits to actual gold held in a Swiss vault: It would not be the first time I was wrong when predicting the success or failure…

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Murder Mystery in Baton Rouge!

In addition to presenting an education session on vendor selections best practices at the Louisiana Credit Union event on April 18, in Baton Rouge, the Remedy team participated in the murder mystery fundraiser for the Louisiana Credit Union Foundation. We were happy to live through it after an intriguing night with multiple murders!

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Remedy T-shirt in Jamaica

We are constantly on the lookout for the Remedy T-shirt in our travels. Here is one that one of our employees found in Jamaica! We’ve always thought of Remedy as a U.S. based operation, but our T-shirt has gone international! Send us a picture if you see the Remedy shirt on your travels, and we’ll…

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Welcome to our Blog!

Although Remedy has typically done business strictly by referral from our current customer base, our younger Advisors have told us that it is time to start waking up to Social Media. They say it is time to start getting our message out to a wider audience. Quite honestly, they have been saying this for many years, but we…

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