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Stress Testing your Commercial Loan Portfolio to Predict Default Risk

During a recent interview with a contact at the FDIC, I asked some rather pointed questions about commercial loan portfolios and the stress that COVID-19 and other social disruptions around the country may be putting on borrowers.  The conversations drifted to a hypothetical client whose entire commercial portfolio was strictly lending to hotels.  What would…

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Reaching Your Community Offline


Bring a Personal Touch to Your Virtual Clients For several weeks, your branches were shut down and now your clients have been trained to use all those online tools you couldn’t figure out how to train them on prior to the crisis. This is the world we have all been waiting for, the virtual branch. …

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Fintech Funding Hurt by COVID: Community F.I.s Will Feel the Effects

Data black hole

Fintech start-ups, which push the envelope to develop competitive community bank technology, come under pressure due to COVID-led reduction in funding. In the News A recent Finextra article, “£1.4 billion of UK fintech funding swallowed up by Covid black hole”, discussed a new survey of fintech founders. The survey identified a potentially far-reaching effect of…

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