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Is JHA Winning on Deconversion Fees?

By Remedy Consulting | Feb 6, 2019 When reviewing Earnings Reports for Fiserv, FIS, and JHA , there is a lot to interpret, particularly when comparing previous year results. We’ll leave the deep analysis to the Wall Street Analysts and focus on one number: de-conversion fees. De-conversion fees are important to clients that are considering either…

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Fiserv to buy First Data- Is it time to update the Resume?

By Remedy Consulting | Feb 1, 2019 It was just at the end of the Q3, 2017 that Fiserv acquired the Elan assets from US Bank. And now, roughly 90 days later, the First Data acquisition. Our Fiserv insiders tell us that individuals in their Payments area(s) are nervous. In recent years, Fiserv has become notorious…

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Welcome to our Blog!

By Remedy Consulting | Jan 7, 2019

Although Remedy has typically done business strictly by referral from our current customer base, our younger Advisors have told us that it is time to start waking up to Social Media. They say it is time to start getting our message out to a wider audience. Quite honestly, they have been saying this…

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