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Strengthen Commercial Relationships Through Financial Education

By Charlie Kelly | May 28, 2020
Financial Education

Traditionally, financial education has been primarily a community outreach service for banks and credit unions. But perhaps it is time to change your thinking. Could your commercial banking relationships be strengthened through a financial education program? Our experience says “yes”.

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Fintech Funding Hurt by COVID: Community F.I.s Will Feel the Effects

By Remedy Consulting | May 14, 2020
Data black hole

Fintech start-ups, which push the envelope to develop competitive community bank technology, come under pressure due to COVID-led reduction in funding. In the News A recent Finextra article, “£1.4 billion of UK fintech funding swallowed up by Covid black hole”, discussed a new survey of fintech founders. The survey identified…

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Evaluating Your Digital Strategy: Is Your F.I. Prepared for Life after COVID?

By Remedy Consulting | Apr 30, 2020
Chaos out of opportunity Quote

Did your financial institution’s digital strategy properly prepare your clients to bank nearly exclusively on a remote basis? In these unprecedented times, it is important to have someone in your organization review your digital stress points to understand whether your clients are comfortable or feeling anxious with the “new normal” of banking remotely.

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The Importance of a Strong Digital Strategy for Credit Unions and Banks

By Remedy Consulting | Apr 9, 2020
mobile banking login

A new decade has begun. Although there has been a clear trend toward the use of digital tools in recent years, current events are highlighting the importance of a strong digital strategy. However, some credit unions may be struggling with how to improve their digital footprint and how much to invest in…

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Single Mobile App or Multiple Mobile App Strategy?

By Remedy Consulting | Jan 2, 2020
mobile technology

We follow the CenterState blog because we often find information which is interesting and relevant to running a financial institution. Their latest article is focused on technology strategy, and whether a bank or credit union should be offering a single mobile app or multiple mobile apps to their customers:…

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